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What is Faith

Harris Athanasiadis                                June 18, 2017 WHAT IS FAITH? Genesis 18: 1-15, Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-12

Why did Sarah laugh?  The mysterious strangers visiting Abraham and Sarah seem to be preoccupied with Sarah’s reaction to their words. She actually laughed! Well, on the surface it is impolite to laugh at one’s guests, and especially if one’s guests are trying to say something rather serious.…

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God’s Journey

Have you ever been on a journey? I’m sure you have. We all have. The word ‘journey’ has become a very popular way of describing life. Of course, a journey is also something many of us think of more literally. We travel. We love to describe all the places we go, the things we see, and the experiences we have. We always come back with lots of pictures.

But the word ‘journey’ is also a way of describing an inner process. Whether we’ve gone through something traumatic, or a…

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Being the Same and Being Different

Have you ever struggled to fit in? I think this is the experience of so many immigrants and refugees – trying to find a way to fit in, to become part of the larger whole.

I remember when My family came to Canada. We settled into one of the immigrant neighbourhoods of Montreal, Quebec. It wasn’t easy. It was a poorer neighbourhood. As a young boy, I witnessed some aggression and violence…

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Healing and Reconciliation

In our latest Presbyterian Church newspaper called “Connections”, you will read the story of Viv Ketchum. Viv is a member of “Place of Hope” Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg. Viv is also an indigenous woman. She writes of how she was taken from her parents by government officials when she was a child. She was placed in a Christian Residential school, then a series of foster homes, and then group homes. Once she…

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