Advent Bible Study with Rev. Daniel Cho

LET'S GATHER FOR A 4-WEEK BIBLE STUDY and discussion in Knox Hall every Monday evening starting at 7pm beginning November 26 to December 17. We will reflect together on Advent/Christmas themes like relationship, community, gift, hurt, love, longing, identity and more. Let us learn to walk in faith more every day. All are most welcome!

BIBLE STUDY with Dr. Stephen “Advice for a Good Church: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

Thursday @ 10:30 AM, Knox Hall (October 12- November 16, 2017) Wednesday @ 7:30 PM CE Wing (November 1 - Dece,ber 6. 2017)

Spiritual Hunger

At St. Mark's, we recognize that people have a spiritual hunger innate in all of us. In order to discover what can satisfy such a hunger, we need to feel encouraged and free to explore, ask questions, discuss, share and learn. At St. Mark's we are committed to providing such opportunities for individual spiritual development or within group study. Speak to Dr. Harris…