“DEFINITELY NOT FOR DUMMIES: THE BASICS OF CHRISTIANITY” - Led by Stephen Farris.  I will be offering a five week study of the Basics of the Christian Faith here at St. Mark’s Church, beginning in the New Year. It will take place after church beginning at 12:00 noon and last for one hour. Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch to church for these studies The dates of the meetings are:  January 14, 21, 28 and February 11 and 18 The studies will have two purposes. The first is as a preparation for making or renewing a profession of faith and becoming a member of the congregation.  This is an especially important time for considering taking this step as we move towards calling a new minister. The right to choose and call our ministers is a precious liberty for which our spiritual ancestors struggled. It is the members of the congregation who vote to call a new minister and sign the call. Please consider whether this might be a good time to take up the privilege and responsibility of membership in the congregation. These studies will prepare you to become a member.  There are also many who simply feel they need a refresher course in the basics of the faith. This set of studies can fulfill that purpose also.  Please contact the church office to let us know if you are planning to attend these studies.